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  • Stats & Figures

    Current situation in Europe

    20 countries

    united for the campaign

    21 000 000

    Children aged 0-3 in Europe (according to Eurostat)


    The highest VAT rate in Europe applied on baby care products

    150€ per month

    approx. spending on nappies for a family with 3 children
  • Our goal

    To achieve fair treatment and lower the Value-Added-Tax on baby care items

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    Nappies are not a luxury

    In many European countries baby care products are burdened with the highest VAT rates equally to cosmetics, jewellery or tobacco. Nappies, that play crucial role in infant's health, are considered by governments as dispensable products that are unnecessary expense in families’ economies. This situation couldn't be more wrong.
    European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC), with its members from 20 countries, lobby the Ministers of Finance of the European Union Member States to modify the European directive and treat baby care products fairly by lowering their VAT rates. Nappies are not a luxury, but a question of health and children's rights.
  • Your voice

    Endorse the campaign

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    Raul Sanchez

    The General Secretary of ELFAC
    "It is unbelievable that baby diapers are taxed with VAT equal to exclusive or luxury items, such as restaurants or trips - things that are undoubtedly extraordinary and that we all like to do, but are absolutely superfluous."
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    Eva Holgado

    The President of Spanish Large Families Association (FEFN)
    "The average spending on baby diapers is around 60 euros per month per baby.The situation gets even more difficult in case of large families or families with multiple births – these parents have to multiply the amount over the years and months respectively, reaching 150 euros per month for baby diapers only."
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  • Who We Are

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    The European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC), formally constituted in 2004, currently gathers Large Families Associations from 20 European countries. This Confederation represents more than 50 millions of European citizens who belong to the nearly 9 million families with three children or more. ELFAC represents and looks after the social and economic interests of families with children, in general, and large families, in particular.